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modular odf is used in center office, optical cross connection point and network access point in fiber access network projects to realize the fiber fusion, fiber optic cable distribution, management and protection. The unit is installed in the optical distribution frame, and can be flexibly Confederate. it is the necessary equipment in the optical access network.

It is convenient for the connection and distribution of fiber optic cable and also good at distribution in the large capacity exchange bureau, CATV fiber system and fiber optic communication system. W-TEL optical distribution frame (ODF) is specifically designed for the first sector of FTTX operating; it is normally placed at service provider’s central office (CO). The optical distribution frame brings a stable solution for safely containing
FDU (Fiber Distribution Unit) modules. The frame adopts enclosed type structure to protect the optical fibers from dust.

1. 19″ Standard rack mount
2. Material: SPCC cold rolled steel
3. Designed by full mobilization:
A. Unit body have the fusion of optical fiber fusion, tray storing and distribution
B. the integrated fusion and distribution tray can be singly taken out to meet the demands for operation.
4. Optical cable, pigtail fiber and patch cords can be clearly managed,
5. Easy for installation of inlay,convenient to expand capacity,obliquity of adapter is 30 degree.
6. Ensure the bend radius of patch cord and avoid laser burning eyes.
7. FC, SC port is available for the integrated fusion and distribution tray
8. Two sides accommodate cable entry and exit

1. Under the general air pressure, 500VDC,insulation resistance≥1000MΩ;
2. The high voltage protection can undertake 3000VDC,no spark-through and flashover within 1 minutes.
3. Technical and quality grade reaches the ISO/IEC11801 requirement.
4. Working temperature-20°C~+55°C;
5. Working humidity≤95% (30°C);
6. Working atmospheric pressure 70~106KPa

Size(MM) Max entry cable φ (mm) Applicable for Capacity (core) Weight (KG)
430×300 ×70 φ22 SC/FC 12 5.50
430×300 ×70 φ22 SC/FC 24 6.00
430×300 ×140 φ22 SC/FC 48 8.00
430×300 ×200 φ22 SC/FC 72 11.00
430×300 ×255 φ22 SC/FC 96 12.50