Fiber Visual Fault Locator

Fiber Visual Fault Locator

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This Red Laser pointer is easy to operate and carry. It can be used for optical fiber, optical cable and joint connector testing. How to find out the breakpoint of the laser? When the tested optical fiber has a breakpoint, the propagation along the optical fiber laser will have a leak point of red light, which can be determined as breakpoint locations.

Product Functions: 
Optical fiber breaking, bending location
Fault inspection of OTDR blind area
The end-to-end optical fiber identification
Optimization of mechanical connection point

Technical Data

Product Name Fiber Visual Fault Locator
 Wavelength  650 + 10nm
 Power  20mw
 Frequency  2Hz / CW
 Laser class  CLASS IIIb
 Fiber mode  SM or MM
Optical Connector   2.5mm FC, SC, ST general interface,Optional “FC2.5mm to LC1.25mm adapter”
Using distance  >20Km
Operating temperature   -10~+60 Degree C
Storage humidity  -40~+85ºC
 Stability  <90%
 Material  Aluminum
 Dimension  Ø23.5 ×L197mm